Drive Thru Animal Safari Near Dallas and Fort Worth

We're open for the holiday season!

At Rocky Ridge, we put the wild in wildlife.

Less than an hour south of the DFW Metroplex, Rocky Ridge Drive Thru Safari is a 200 acre wild animal refuge and drive-up safari.

We selected the location of Rocky Ridge specifically for its diverse terrain and natural beauty. Our safari park is home to a variety of animals from around the world living in their indigenous habitat.

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Drive-thru safari

1-hour drive thru safari

Feed animals from your car

Feed the animals from your car

No reservation required

No reservations required

We’re more than just a zoo.

At Rocky Ridge, you’ll experience nature without bars or behind glass. Our animals roam free, as nature intended.

Your family can expect to learn about the animals in their natural habitat.

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, look no further.

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Up-Close and Personal - A Drive Thru Safari in the Dallas Area

Bring your family to Rocky Ridge and get up close and personal with animals from around the world. Our drive up zoo features over 25 species of animals nestled in the beautiful East Texas.

A free bag of feed comes with each ticket purchase, and our animals will walk right up to the car to get a bite. You’ll be able to see the majestic creatures from mere feet away.

Our drive thru zoo is the perfect place to spend the day with family. Enjoy experiencing wildlife from the comfort of your own vehicle with your windows down.

Our Most Popular Attractions

American Bison (Buffalo)
The king of the American Great Plains, our park features the Buffalo--or American Bison. A majestic creature, the bison were hunted by nomadic Native American tribes that followed herds across the nation.

Andean Llama
One of our most popular animals, llamas originate from South American around the Andes Mountains. They’re prized for their wool and frequently used as beasts of burden. They’re also smart! They can learn tricks and repeat actions just like a dog.

Mountain Zebra
Native to Angola, Namibia and South Africa, the Mountain Zebra is our favorite
black-and-white-striped furry friend. More solitary than the plains Zebra, the Mountain Zebra forms into small family herds on display at Rocky Ridge.

Arabian Camel
Standing nearly six feet tall, the Arabian Camel is a majestic creature used for centuries as beasts of burden in the arid regions of the Middle East. Noted for their temperament, our camel is as friendly as they come.

Customers love our drive thru petting zoo. We feature animals from around the world from Red Tail Deer indigenous to East Texas to the majestic Gazelles all the way from the Serengeti.

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Rocky Ridge promises to give you and your family an unforgettable experience the whole family will enjoy. Our drive thru zoo, near Dallas, is only a quick drive.

Skip the zoo this weekend and come to Rocky Ridge for a safari.

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